The Self-Made Model

Success Without Agencies

I'm VERY pleased with you and VERY happy that we have worked together. You are funny, smart, industrious and dare I say... even a tad sexy (lol); you are one of the RARE models that can actually teach me a thing or two. It is my pleasure to know you and to work with you.

Christie has always been one of the first models I've turned to with questions about modeling and the industry. She's not only knowledgeable about the modeling industry, but honest when it comes to her experiences, and always willing to share what she's learned in an effort to help out and keep someone from making a mistake. I frequently recommend new models talk to her and read what she has to say, whether it be on a blog or a forum post. Christie has a good business sense and knows what it takes to be successful. Her advice is always spot on and realistic, and she's never afraid to tell it like it is.

Honey, you were great yesterday! Beautiful, sweet and dangerously charming... You know kid, the world's your oyster. You left us all glowing.

Christie, You were amazing to shoot with! We got SOOO much in SOOO little time. You are my new goddess!

Christie has inspired me from the very beginning of my career! I think it's awesome that she's sharing all of her knowledge and experience with others.

I cannot say enough, how impressive you are as a model!!! WOW! It was awesome finally working together.

- Cassidy Barker

Hi Christie, what a charming and talented model you are. Our shoots were brilliant with an abundance of outstanding images created while your enthusiasm was addictive. I highly recommend Christie for both the knowledge she brings to a shoot and her commited nature. We will definitely shoot again..

One of the strongest and most versatile models I've ever met. Her range constantly impresses and inspires me in my evolution as an artist.

- Yvan Daddario

Christie Gabriel – Fashion Model. Any superlative, I can think of would only be a clumsily, fumbling of words others have conveyed more eloquently about Christie.

Christie is one of, if not, THE best model I've ever worked with. She shows up with an understanding of herself, the camera angle, light and creating composition and projecting attitude in a way I've never seen with any other model. I always get more great images than I expect when I'm working with her. She simply makes shoots easier and the images stronger!

- Vu